Toyo Springs Ltd., where innovation meets precision in Leaf Spring Manufacturing. Our state-of-the art facilities provides best production results with FTR concept in place on fully automated production lines having negligible human intervention ensuring seamless production from start to finish.

  • Comprehensive range of products, from LCV to Boggie suspension, encompassing conventional Multileaf, Parabolic and Hybrid leaf springs, all under one roof.
  • State of the art facility for Shot Peening and Stress Peening process to fortify materials against fatigue and stresses ensuring the durability and reliability of leaf springs.
  • Expertise in specialized processes such as Parabolic, Eye Rolling , Wrapper Forming, and Heat Treatment.
  • In-house testing facilities dedicated to ensuring Fatigue Life.
  • Dedicated Parabolic line exclusively for Manufacturing Parabolic Leaf Springs.
  • Skilled team of engineers trained in multiple disciplines providing multi-tasking for optimal efficiency.

State Of The Art - Machineries & Technology

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