About Our Achievements

Proudly showcasing our achievements, these awards and certificates from our valued customers highlight our excellence and commitment to quality in manufacturing leaf springs.


Platinum Award, maintaining Zero PPM in the Fascial Year FY24
Gold Awards, less than 50 PPM & Zero 9 rated CP Instances from July’23 to Dec’23, Ashok Leyland
Silver Award, Best Performance in Business Alignment , Ashok Leyland
Exceptional Perfrormance in Achieving BS 6.2 Pickup steep Ramp Up, Mahindra Rise
Silver Award, Best Performance in Development , Ashok Leyland
Best L3 Process Control, Tata Motors
Proactive Cost Competitiveness , Ashok Leyland
Cost Competitiveness, SML Isuzu
Implementation of Kaizen Methodology , Tata Motors

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